Sensations of Summer

What I love about the summer



A recent daily prompt reminded me of Summer in Melbourne, one of my favourite seasons of the year. Poetry is not one of my strengths, but I’m feeling adventurous, so here’s my attempt to paint a picture of it.

Hot baked yellow light

Shimmering heat rushing up from the sidewalks and carriageways

Long outdoor evenings, lazy barbecues

Distracted hand wave, dispelling fly and mosquito

The smell of sunscreen, white smears on protected flesh

The sheen of oily, sweaty bodies

Cloudless skies with a blue so deep you could drown in them

A painters canvas of vivid colours

The sticky restlessness of humid nights

The pall of oppressive heat

Energy and apathy

Reading books in the shade

A trip to the beach, cooling off in the waves, only to be hot again as we sojourn home

Salads and Chardonnay

The background buzz of cricket on the telly

Night time walks in the city by our glittering river, the air quietly alive, adding a glow to buildings and the night sky

Squeals of laughter and delight bubbling up from nearby pools

Long cold drinks, the soft rattle of ice

Early morning sprinklers

Relief as we close the door on the heat behind us

Shorts, flip flops, loose t shirts, swimsuits, adventurous clothing

Bare legs, arms, shoulders, feet – skin everywhere!

Glorious sunsets

A season larger than life


Author: Terry Lewis

I'm a guy in his 50's who thought it might be fun to write about day to day issues - the stuff that life is made of. It's helped me think and develop some deeper perspectives. I enjoyed it so much I thought I might start posting it in a blog, and here we are! I intend to mix it up as much as I can. I am a thinking kind of guy so the majority of my posts will probably have some kernel of truth or (hopefully) wisdom nestled in there somewhere. But I also hope to have some light hearted posts as well. Too much thinking can make life pretty dull! Anyway, hope you like it.

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