About me and the reason for my blog

Hi, my aim is to chat about the kind of stuff we all face on any given day of our lives. The purpose of my blog is not to push any given agenda, but to reflect at the end of the day (or sometimes in the middle) on things that have happened to me or around me. I suppose in an ideal world my blogs would be like two people chatting to each other, except I can’t hear your response. I’m interesting in pouring my ideas, frustrations, joys as if we were chatting over lunch.

As a result, I will air lots of opinions, but have chosen not to madly research them before putting them up. Because that’s what it would be like in a casual chat – lots of time we float half formed ideas, and our ideas take shape and become more focussed as we chat. That’s what I’ve found to be the case so far in my blogs. I might correct myself half way through, or maybe in a later blog go back to something I said and apologise for what a dumb comment it was!

I’m absolutely not interested in being the last word on anything. I’ll float my comments, probably adjust them as I go, correct myself later, or who knows what else. Just as in real conversation, some of what I say will end up being true (or at least hard to argue against) and some of what I say will turn out to be complete bosh.

I’ll talk about things that happen in my life, feelings I might be struggling with, opinions of events, movies, books, people…  And I hope you enjoy the journey with me.




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