Hard to swallow: The Red Pill

The film, The Red Pill, has recently caught my eye. I haven’t seen it yet (but I’m going to try to). What has caught my attention is this: from what I can tell (from articles , Wikipedia, watching the trailer) the film attempts to show how the gender debate is hurting men. I don’t know that I would rush to see it normally, but feminists have been actively campaigning against it, and getting it banned from various cinemas. Well, if what I read about it is correct then feminists are trying to stifle and oppress fair comment, and nothing gets my goat more than that. I invite you to read this re-blogged article, and if it interests you, maybe go and see the film. Cheers!

The Sydney Tory

I had found it, I had turned off the lights and I was ready. Ready to watch a film that has been labelled ‘misogynistic propaganda’, a film that has been banned and protested, a film that had caught my attention. ‘The Red Pill’ is a documentary by Cassie Jaye that follows her life-altering journey into the world of the men’s rights movement. I had sought it out after reading several articles about screenings of the film being shut down in the socialist republic of Melbourne. The funny thing is, after watching it, I could maybe understand the protests and the women trying to shut it down. That is to say, if they had actually watched the film all the way through.

Because to be honest, it is an uncomfortable film to watch as a woman. It makes you question your role in the world and your perspective on the gender…

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